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Clumsy Fred Review

Clumsy Fred is an application developed by BeshevGames. Clumsy Fred was first published on . It is available on the following platforms: Steam.

Meet Fred, a good and honest guy. Fred only ever wanted to get to the finish without falling down. But there is one problem - he is VERY clumsy when it comes to running fast, even the slightest obstacle can make him trip and fall down. Poor guy! Will you help Fred out?

Clumsy Fred is a ragdoll physics based simulation 3D game where you step in the shoes of Fred and follow him on his strange endeavours to learn how to run without falling, while overcoming different challenges and obstacles.

You have a time limit to get to the finish. Be careful of the obstacles, because collision drains your health and, more importantly, costs you time if you fall. If you do not make it in time you have to restart the level.

Go trough each checkpoint, avoiding obstacles, until you reach the finish within the time limit. Upon reaching the finish line you will unlock a new level of the game.


- Ragdoll physics
- Unique 3D models
- Cool animations
- Many obstacles and challenges
- Funny sound effects
- Intuitive controls
- VERY fun to play

Music by:
Car physics and model made with: Edy's Vehicle Physics
Road made with: EasyRoads3D Pro

Clumsy Fred

3 / 5

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Author: BeshevGames
Size: 100 MB available space

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