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Ignis: Duels of Wizards review

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Ignis: Duels of Wizards Review

Ignis: Duels of Wizards is an app designed by Moonlit. Ignis: Duels of Wizards was first published on . Ignis: Duels of Wizards is accessible on the following platforms: Steam.

Make use of a unique fighting mechanics that enables you to control the path of every projectile. Avoid obstacles, slip past the defenses of your rivals and corner them to inflict a swift and deciding blow. At your disposal you have a vast arsenal of magical weaponry - cast fearsome AoE spells, bring meteors down from the sky, summon ghastly creatures for help, put weakening curses on your enemies or finish them off with spectacular ultimate attacks. Now combine it with quick, real-time and skill-demanding duel system to experience virtual wizardry like never before!Take part in the Grand Tournament - unravel a mystery behind Ignis stones and determine who is the greatest wizards of all. Choose between powerful wizards - each a master of a different arcane style with a unique set of upgradable spells and passive skills. Chill the blood in your enemies veins, watch their bodies burn in hellish flames or suck the life out of them! Whether you hear the ancient shamanic rhythms or trust in academic knowledge and alchemy, remember that there will be only one winner of the Tournament. Better make sure to be the last one standing.Test your reflex, tactical sense and high skills against other players in a variety of battle modes. Compete on diverse stages with adjustable properties like additional power-ups, barriers or ricocheting projectiles. Duel your friends on split-screen to see who have truly mastered the arcane arts or join forces to triumph over constantly learning AI. Then take up the challenge and battle against other wizards all over the world... if you feel brave enough.


Ignis: Duels of Wizards

4.2 / 5

Ignis: Duels of Wizards Logo
Author: Moonlit
Size: 2 GB available space

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